Samhain Spell & Activity Box


Celebrate the Witches New Year/Halloween

with The Samhain Spell & Activity Box


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Samhain Spell & Activity Box

Celebrate The Witches New Year, Halloween, All Hallow Eve & Samhain!

1 oz Samhain Ancestor oil -Dress your spell candles and anoint yourself for ritual. Made by the Witches of Rowan Apothecary.

The Wild Unknown Pocket Tarot Deck & Guidebook by Kim Krans - Samhain is the best time of the year for divination

Mini Composition notebook - track your tarot card readings and it already has a cool sticker on it!

Black Protection Poppet - filled with sea salt and cloves. Add adornments to personalize intentions. Carry it with you, give it to a friend or bury it.

Hex removal black salt - Use in spells & in entrance ways

Sea Salt - for your protection circle

Cast Iron Spell candle holder - fire safe for candle magick

Purple spell candles x 3 - Call upon your ancestors and other spirit related candle magick like connecting with your favorite deities.

Palo Santo incense sticks x 3 - Cleanse & protect your space, inspire creativity and focus...

Black Lake Witch match box

Vinyl Eye sticker x2 - one on your composition box and another for whatever you choose

Black Lake Witch Samhain Insert - full of how to's and activities

Custom Box Black Lake Witch Box

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