Candle Magick Box


1 oz Litha oil

Cast Iron Candle Holder

White Spell Candles

Pinch of Mugwort

Fairy Garden Flower Seeds

Chamomile Tea

Black Lake Witch Match Box

Product Description

Welcome Summer with a Candle Magick Box!

1 oz Litha Oil - all ingredients are are organic and locally sourced. Made by the witches of Rowan Apothecary

Cast Iron Candle Holder - for chime candles

White chime spell candles x3- for candle magick. Dress with your oil and/or use herbs

Pinch of Mugwort - for your spell candles

Fairy Garden Seeds - Invite the Fae for Summer Solstice

Chamomile Tea - for you to relax and renew for the right mindset while preparing your spell candles

Black Lake Witch Match

Box Black Lake Witch All Seeing Eye sticker


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