Manifest Box Set


4oz Cleansing Incense

4oz Sage & Pomegranate Full Moon Candle

Cast Iron Cauldron with Pentacle

Charcoal roll of 10

Match Box

All Seeing Eye Pin

Custom Box

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Product Description

Manifest your needs with the Manifest Box Set.

4 oz Cleansing Incense - Loose incense ingredients are all organic and locally sourced. Made by the witches of Rowan Apothecary

4 oz Sage & Pomegranate Full Moon Candle - Clean burning soy wax and essential oils. Poured on the full moon by EKP Candle Company

Cast Iron Cauldron - 3” diameter with embossed pentacle

Charcoal - roll of 10 discs

Black Lake Witch Match Box

Black Lake Witch All Seeing Eye Sticker & Pin


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