You're a Witch!


You're a Witch! (and don't even know it) Gift Box Set

Everything you need to get started.

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You're a Witch! 

Emerge yourself into the craft with your Witch Box & Book starter kit.

Cleanse your home with sage, burn incense in your cauldron with your charcoal discs then make black salt with your mortar & pestle. Write spells for candle magic and record everything into your Book of Shadows. Learn step by step in The Book of Beginning Witchcraft.

You're a Witch! (and you don't even know it) Box & Book set


- The Book of Beginning Witchcraft

- Blank sketchbook for your Book of Shadows

- 3” cast iron cauldron/mortar & pestle

- Three Kings 33mm charcoal discs roll of 10

- 1 oz protection loose incense - Small smudge stick

- 3 white universal spell candles

- 5” witch patch

- How to use your kit insert

- Witchcraft postcard

- Black Lake Witch vinyl eye sticker

- Black Lake Witch button

- Black Lake Witch custom box

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