You're a Witch!


You're a Witch! (and don't even know it) Gift Box Set

Everything you need to get started.

Product Description

You're a Witch!
(and you don’t even know it)
Gift Box

Emerge yourself into the craft with your Witch Box & Book starter kit.

Learn all the fundamentals with your new witch box! Start by diving into the Book of Beginning Witchcraft. As you read you'll realize that you have all the stuff you need to get started. Cleanse and protect your home, perform candle spells, set up your altar for a ritual and most importantly, begin filling out your own Book of Shadows. The power is yours!


- The Book of Beginning Witchcraft

- Blank sketchbook for your Book of Shadows

- 3” cast iron cauldron/mortar & pestle

- Charcoal discs roll of 10

- Protection loose incense

- Black Lake Witch Altar Cloth 20x20

- Small smudge stick

- 3 white universal spell candles

- 1 cast iron chime candle holder

- Black Salt

- Witch patch

- How to use your kit insert

- Black Lake Witch vinyl eye sticker

All in a custom Black Lake Witch gift box

a $115 Value


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