As above, So below
As within, So without
As the universe, So the soul
It all started when I attended a Samhain Ritual in 2012. Soon after I began attending beginners witch school. After a year and a day, I had completed my lessons and my mentor instructed me to go out and teach it, because that is the best way to learn. 

After living my new found lessons and researching for further advancement, I realized that most witch books glazed over the fundamentals and expected the reader to just know things while performing these spells and rituals, the reasons behind the actions and prep were never discussed. So, over the next year I compiled all my lessons and experiences into book form in hopes of filling in some blanks for other women like myself. My other goal was to lift the stigmatic curtain and show the beauty of life through the eyes of witchcraft. The Book of Beginning Witchcraft was born and it is literally witch school. It is designed to copy into your Book of Shadows so you can hand the book off to another like-minded person.

I have been actively practicing for the last 12 years while never giving up on learning and advancing my knowledge. 

The products of Black Lake Witch support the book. We supply the tools to get started, from a Book of Shadows to ritual tools and fun stuff in between, all in one place and at competitive prices. 

We try to keep everything simple but high quality. We only sell the things we use ourselves. We don’t give the customer spells, we help them make their own. They are the only ones that know what they need.

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