We're your path to the craft
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We're your path to the craft

Merry Meet and welcome to Black Lake Witch! Our mission is to destigmatize the stereotypes around witchcraft while making it accessible for everyone to enjoy. We hope that with your help, our mission can be achieved. Our company is proud to provide the guidance and the products you need to start your witchy journey or compliment your existing practice. The cornerstone of BLW “The Book of Beginning Witchcraft” is the only one of its kind to go into greater detail of how to set up an altar, call on and release the quarters, open and close a circle and so much more. This is a book of a sacred witchcraft practice combined with spells and rituals made accessible by our founder 
Gina DiNolfi McMillen, that will get you set on your spiritual journey.

Gina started on her path as a child growing up in the mountains of Southern California. She was raised in an Italian catholic environment that now, looking back, resembled traditions in Italian folk magic. Fast forward to adulthood when Gina‘s path crossed with an old teacher from high school who was a Wiccan Priestess fresh out of the broom closet. Gina attended 1 year and 1 day of “beginning witch school”. After being initiated and moving on to advanced class, Gina couldn’t help but look back and figure out how to share what had just happened. Her mentor suggested that the best way to learn, is to teach, so The Book of Beginning Witchcraft was created. It is meant to be read and copied into a book of shadows and then the book should be handed off to another person to keep the practice alive. A book of shadows is a vital foundation every witch needs. It holds all the lessons, spells and ideas personal to you and your practice. Our goal is to provide a solid foundation that will send the practitioner on their own path(s).

BLW is proud to create products that support the book and your practice. We carry tools and the supplies every witch needs in their repertoire. From journals, ritual items, oils, loose incense, a line of Glamour Magic products and witch boxes full of activities, spells and sabbat information to make the year fun and easy to celebrate.

We are committed to quality, locally sourced ingredients and locally sourced collaborations while keeping costs as reasonable as possible. We support other small businesses in our community, from where we buy our ingredients, gather our recipes, pour our candles and even purchase fun items to add to our boxes.

Speaking of our boxes, we offer witch boxes for holidays following the Wheel of the Year as well as customized boxes. These make great gifts and party favors, the are made to do alone or with friends to celebrate the sabbats with fun activities, spells and recipes for delicious meals and seasonal cocktails. All the supplies and the directions are included in the box, we design and print a custom booklet for every box that explains how to use each item and how to perform each spell.

Thank you so much for your time and remember, we’re your path to the craft.

Gina DiNolfi McMillen
Owner & Operator of Black Lake Witch
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